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Nobody Gets Left Behind by warmal16 Nobody Gets Left Behind :iconwarmal16:warmal16 5 0 Is This Love True - Paperback by warmal16 Is This Love True - Paperback :iconwarmal16:warmal16 1 2 Between Us, Rings Final Programming Stage Book by warmal16 Between Us, Rings Final Programming Stage Book :iconwarmal16:warmal16 3 21
Between Us, Rings - Chapter 41
Click frantically chased after Monochrome. Not since his activation, had he acted so much on instinct. To him, it was like his boojiboo was calling out to him. However, no matter how desperate, or how hard he tried, he was unable to catch the black car. Once it disappeared around a corner, it was lost to him. Still in a blind fury, and out of the need to protect the love of his life, Click continued running around town. Nothing was going to stop him, nothing was going to get in his way. Behind him laid a wake of destruction, despite not being a strong or fast experiment, he found himself tearing through fences, benches, anything that wasn’t solidly built.
From an outside perspective, it was impossible to tell who or what caused the destruction. Any attempt at recording or capturing the blue creature was inexplicable stopped. It was like technology itself was on his side. In the end, no one would know that cute innocent Click was the cause for such mayhem.
Victoria skipped a few p
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Between Us, Rings - Chapter 40
Myrtle slammed her house phone onto the receiver. Her mom made some complaints and told her to be more careful, but the words barely reached her ears. Sam had just called her and told her what she was supposed to do. If she had felt guilt at any time in her life, it was now. Gaining a concerned look from her best friend Gigi, she ran to her room.
“Sorry!” She yelled to her mom, but secretly also to her friend.
Laying in her room, with her head deep in her pillow, her legs kicked back and forth in the air as she tried to figure out exactly what she was doing in her life. Am I really capable of doing that? The soft pitter patter of paws could be heard coming from the hall, and Myrtle wished she had closed the door to her room. Normally I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Am I really questioning being friends with Sam?
She recalled to a time a few days before.
After hula practice, which had stopped being fun after breaking off with her old friends. Teresa,
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Between Us, Rings - Chapter 39
Lea sat at her family’s dining room table. That’s what she always referred to it as. Her families. Not since she was a child, had Lea called anything outside of her room her own. She felt absolutely no connection to anything in the large house. All the paintings, vases, shelves, and furniture were always just a little too clean. A little too perfect. The house had always felt more like a museum than a living space. Like everything was on display, not actually theirs. In direct contrast, she always kept her room untidy. Not a mess, but everything was just slightly out of place, not quite where it should be. It was her oasis.
Her breakfast was going just as well as it always did. The family sat a table that was just a little too large for the four of them. Same as every morning.
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Between Us, Rings - Chapter 38
Nani was a little put off by Lilo’s question. “What do you mean would it matter?”
This subject meant a lot to Lilo. She was hoping that she would be able to warm Nani up to the idea of her and Stitch being together. If not that, at the very least she could find out what her sisters feelings would be on the subject. “What I mean is…we’ve met a lot of aliens and all. Most of which are our friends or a part of our ‘ohana. Would it really matter if I did fall in love with an alien?”
Nani stared at Lilo for a second. Her sister didn’t move an inch. Lilo leaned against the wood rail, staring off at the spot that they just watched Styles disappear to. She took a moment to figure out if Lilo was just joking, but she quickly realized that she wasn’t. “Well, yeah. It would matter Lilo.” She said frankly, not realizing how important the next few things she said really were. “I mean. You’re human, we’re human
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Between Us, Rings - Chapter 37
Myrtle felt her blood run cold and her stomach drop. It took her a few moments to process what Sam had just said. Not wanting to believe it, she was sure she had just heard wrong. There’s no way she said to use Gigi’s cousins.
“That’s a great idea!” Lea was on board instantly. She and Sam shared in the excitement and brilliance that was their new plan. “All I’ve seen her do ever, has been hang out with those weird things.”
No. They’re not talking about them. Myrtle continued to ignore what was happening.
“I see them all over the place.” Jen added. “You can’t go anywhere in town, heck, the whole island without seeing at least one of them.”
They’re going to realize it’s a bad idea any second now. The colour began to drain from Myrtle’s face.
“What are you planning to do exactly?” Abby asked, still not wanting to be there, but happy that they had a sound p
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Between Us, Rings - Chapter 36
“So when is Keoni’s team on?” Lilo finally asked, unaware of the oncoming threat of Sam and her gang.
“They did the prelims only a little while ago. A lot of teams didn’t make it. He should be up in maybe a half hour.” Victoria pointed to a large board on the other side of the park. Upon it were all the names of the teams that had entered. Quite a few had already been crossed out. Thankfully, Keoni’s team, simply named ‘The Jam’ after the experiment he looks after, was still displayed.
“That’s good. We didn’t miss him.” Stitch was worried with the extra time they took at the dress shop, that they might have missed it already.
“No worries. They were great!”
“Were they great, or was it Keoni that was great?” Lilo joked, but her suspicions were confirmed as Victoria became as red as a tomato. The couple began to giggle as Victoria tried her best to hide her blush.
Their fun was quickly en
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The Way Things Fall: Chapter 28
Present Day
Stitch sat alone in his waiting chamber. Not everyone was able to get a hearing with the Council just by barging in and asking for one. However, they were not ordinary visitors. Jumba, Stitch, and Pleakley had made the trek alone. Nani and David stayed behind so as to look after Lilo and let them know if anything happens.
Everyone was offered a place to rest together, however, Stitch needed some time to himself. With everything that had happened the last two months, neither of the others did anything to stop them. Pleakley didn’t like how alone Stitch had become. Even for a little monster, he needed some companionship. Not much could be said though, Stitch’s companion was hurt beyond his help. Just being around wasn’t going to do a whole lot for him.
In silence, Stitch counted the minutes as they passed by. He did his best not to worry or think about what was happening to Lilo. Jumba had kept it hidden from him what was wrong. All he did know, was t
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The Way Things Fall: Chapter 27
The island seemed to be basking in darkness. Not just from the clouds above, but by its very feeling. Once it held the most beauty in the entire galaxy, now it was a complete void. Stitch couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed, it made his heart stop and go black. It made everything lose all its colour and importance, getting worse and worse as the few seconds went by.
Stitch forgot to breath, staring at the place that Lilo once stood. No longer did Hamsterveil nor Leroy matter. Not when Lilo was gone. Not when the one he loved was no longer with him.
I can’t believe you’re gone. He fell back in utter defeat. Stitch knew that he had to go save the others, but his body wouldn’t move. After all we’ve been through. After everything that’s happened, this is the outcome? You’re just gone forever? His ears twitched as he heard something wooden snap and begin to fall.
“Lilo?” Sudden hope filled Stitch to the core. Rushin
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Hours Across the Battlefield - Part 1
Planet Turo is finally in sights. I wish we had some sort of cover as we slowly approach. Sadly, our limited resources gives our fleet barely the means to make it. The war has taken a huge toll on all of us, especially technology and supplies. Jumba has done what he can, but even he is only a single person. Thankfully, we come at the darkest time of night for the planet. We should only appear as stars until we’re close enough to be caught on radar. And after that, the few squadrons that do have cloaking will make their approach as the battle begins. This single moment of reprieve… the calm before the storm. My mind drifts to my friends and family in the ships beside me. Our main supply ship looms far behind me, hopefully out of the danger of the initial battle. I can’t help but worry about Lilo, completely out of my sight. I can hear the routine statements made over my ear piece. If I had some way to privately speak to my love I would. I said everything I needed
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The Way Things Fall: Chapter 26
Hamsterveil stood on his hover disk, pacing back in forth as he slowly lost his ever dwindling patience. He felt like he had been waiting an eternity for Leroy to arrive with the captive Lilo. It shouldn’t be taking this long! He thought to himself.
Taking a mental note to adjust Leroy when he had the time, he overlooked the cliffs just behind him. It gave him an excellent view of everything he needed to see. The dark skyline accentuated the crashing water far below him. In his mind, style was important in an evil plan. However, that wasn’t the only reason he picked this location to finally enact his revenge.
The cliff was blocked off from view by a line of trees only a couple of yards from the edge. It gave very little room to actually move. If there was going to be a confrontation, which he didn’t expect, it would go poorly for anyone not prepared. Thankfully, Hamsterveil was prepared just in case things took that route.
And the hideout is in perfect view!
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The Way Things Fall: Chapter 25
The safe house was cold, damp, and dark. Being hidden underground, there was no natural light anywhere in the small area. As well, ‘house’ isn’t the best term. From the inside it looked like a regular house. A fully stocked kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a few bedrooms down a long hall. All of that made up the experiments ‘safe house.’ The Grand Council had the area made after the Hamsterveil and the Leroys were put in prison. They didn’t want to risk them all getting captured again. In the case of a great threat, the safe house would be to house those in danger. In this case, it was Lilo and Stitch.
The elevator ride down into the island didn’t take long. Or at least it didn’t feel like it to Lilo. Her mind was running a mile a minute, making everything seem to go fast forward. After the elevator came to a stop, a scanner popped out of the side of the door. Stitch offered up a plucked hair for it to analyze and the door opened.
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The Way Things Fall: Chapter 24
Lilo and Stitch had rushed to Angel’s house as fast as they could. Not caring about their own safety, or about the order they were given, all they cared about was making sure the ones they loved were safe. Even if Angel was still upset at them, they had to at least try.
When they finally made it, the door wouldn’t open for them. Clara stood on the other side, telling them they were not welcome. Not willing to give up, their panicked tones and continued attempts eventually made her open the door. Giving a quick explanation that Angel might be in danger, Clara became instantly worried. Sadly, Angel wasn’t at home, she had gone to Sparky’s lighthouse a few hours before and she hadn’t heard from her.
Fearing the worst, the two instantly headed back to the buggy and made their way to the Kaua’I lighthouse. They hoped with all their hearts that they weren’t too late, and that Angel was there safe and sound. It’d break their hearts to know that
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The Way Things Fall: Chapter 23
With their plan fully in effect, Hamsterveil knew it was time to start the next phase. It wasn’t just enough to exterminate Lilo and Stitch. They needed to completely destroy their will, hope, strength, and their precious ‘ohana. Only then would it be time to finally put them out of their misery.
The small rodent like alien laughed to himself as he watched his prisoners slowly lose hope in their cage. The first part of his plan was to capture Lilo and Stitch’s immediate family. Thankfully, it turned out to be far easier than he initially thought it would. A back up plan was put in place just in case they didn’t take his bait. Much to his surprise though, they did without hesitation. The second part of their plan was to let Lilo and Stitch know of their family’s situation.
They were going to be given a conundrum. Told to either give themselves up, spelling ultimate doom for themselves in exchange for their family’s safety. Or they get to know that eve
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Is This Love True - Paperback
Went into an old fanfiction and completely re-edited it into a paperback form for my own pleasure. I will state that it is not in my intention to make a profit from this fanwork.

Paperback Is This Love True Contact me if you'd like a copy.

Cost- $13.21+Shipping CAD
Money is getting tight, so I've decided to put my writing out there for anyone who is in need of a story they would like to see done.

Welcome, this should explain everything to know about my commissions. I will write for original works, stories about OC’s, and fanfiction. If it’s a story about OC’s I just need a guideline on what the character is like in order to write them. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns after reading my policies, please send me a message so we can discuss them.


I will not be swayed to write any mature subject matter in regards to underage characters. Nor will I write anything that romanticizes abusive behavior in any way. I can be persuaded to write prose, but I am not very skilled at that so it won’t come out as well as my regular writing. My strongest points as a writer are with fiction, my most experience being romance as slice of life. While my weaknesses are horror and prose.


    -          I have the right to refuse any commissions without explanation

    -          I will not write what I am uncomfortable with, no matter the price

    -          I am not responsible if your commission doesn’t turn out how you wanted and I stated that it was not my strong point.

    -          Commissions will be posted at my discretion. If the buyer wishes it to not be posted, it can be discussed.

    -          If you decide to cancel, refunds may or may not be given depending on if I started and how much of the commission I’ve written.

Not Started = full refund

Started but not much done = 85% refund

Started, halfway done = 50% refund

Nearly completed = 25% refund

Finished but not shown = NO REFUND


Pricing may change based off of experience and how comfortable I am with the subject. If I feel that it may take more time to write, I may ask for more. That said, here is my pricing guidelines.

>1000 words – 3/4 cent per word (up to $7.50 CAD)

1000 – 2000 words – 1 cent per word (up to $20 CAD)

2000 – 3000 words – 1 and 1/4 cents per word (up to $37.50 CAD)

I take my writing seriously. I spend a lot of time, work, and effort on what a write. I will not be padding out a story to reach a word count, and if I go at all over what you request it is entirely on me and you won’t be charged for the extra.

How this will work:

I require payment in advance, see guidelines for refunds. You will receive a random snippet of the writing when I am halfway finished with its production. If you have any changes that is the time to tell me. When completed, you will get a read-only file of the story. You are to not upload any of my writing on any account, whether you state it was written by me or not. Before I begin, I will ask if you agree to my terms.

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